Friday Favourites | Blueberries & Tea

I developed kind of a ritual – to drink at least one cup of tea after getting home from school. And I really like it, because it cals me down and I do feel a bit British. If I had to choose between coffee and tea, Id choose tea. (Though luckily I don’t have to.) To be honest, I want to be more like this classic image of lady – which I’m totally not, I’m very clumsy – and, you know, feminist. I wouldn’t want to live as they did in the 19th century. I just love the literature, clothing, the handmade culture… I hope you get what I mean. Anyway, I started with the tea thing.

You already know this mug, but I grew to love it even more now and use it most of the time. My best friend gave it to me for Christmas after I saw it in a little shop. And since I love deer and fawn, I fell in love with it. I mean, who could resist a mag with a matching spoon that has a deer attached onto it?

Of course I need a tea to drink and Teekanne Blueberry Muffin is very tasty – it’s sweet and really tastes like blueberry a lot. I don’t need any sugar (which I don’t use with anything but black tea anyway), because it is already sweet and the flavour is really intense anyway. And the packaging is adoreable, isn’t it?

The treaclemoon sweet blueberry memories body lotion smelly wonderful, too. More like muffins, than only blueberries, but still good. I really like the texture and you need very little lotion. The lotion goes into the skin easily and makes it smell nicely.

I showed you the Deer Arrow Tea Time Brooche Set (avaible here) yesterday and it is so pretty and high quality, I really like it. It’s difficult to coord with my things, but I love it so much that I don’t really care.

What are your current favourites? And what’s your favourite tea?

Tut mir leid, dass der Post lediglich auf Englisch ist, aber vielleicht werde ich ihn demnächst noch übersetzen können.


5 thoughts on “Friday Favourites | Blueberries & Tea

      • I think green tea can be an acquired taste for some, and not all green teas are created equal.. I’m a green tea lover and even I think some taste like dirt >,< but green tea with flavors in it (usually mint or fruit flavors) are almost always good! You may like a berry flavored one, since you're a fan of your blueberry muffin tea :)


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