seven things i loved in 2018

I was considering writing some current favourites for a while (uhm, months) now and I decided to instead pick five things that I really enjoyed in 2018. That really is things, not experiences or the like. Though I will try to share some photos from my travels this summer in the near future.


The lipstick Gold Waves Matte Lip Stylo in the colour 06, it was limited so I bought another tube when mine was almost empty and I do not regret it. It’s a beautiful, dark colour that is somewhat special. It also stays on my lips pretty much all day and that sure is a bonus. Other than that I just enjoyed dark lips in general this year – especially while wearing no eye makeup at all (which seems to have helped my lashes!).

Something that always makes me feel somewhat like a quaintrelle – applying perfume and especially Wally 1925 Perfumatore per Biancheria in Seta which I bought in Florence at Lady Jane B Vintage. It is the scent of the store and was also used on the dress I bought. So when I stopped by a second time, I asked for it. It is a sweet, yet natural smell and I think it is very me and personal – it is deemed smelling like “good things from the past” and I think that is a neat, lovely description.

Dostoyevsky. His entire work (what I have read so far) really draws me in. I read Crime and Punishment in March/April and just recently finished The Brothers Karamazov which I started in December. However, I also adore the shorter stories, in particular White Nights. I intend on writing about him sometime this year.


At this point I would describe my style as a soft take on Vintage fashion with lots of white and red and pink, chiffon and velvet. A bit magical even. And one of my favourite things to wear were these lovely zirconia earrings. My eyes are somewhat sensitive towards certain jewellery, but these are not only fine for me to wear, but also look very dainty and sweet.

This year I saw a lot of good movies, but I think my favourite was Call Me By Your Name (my review). It made me weep and I saw it in cinema either two or three times and bought the DVD as soon as it was available. I already watched it a couple of times at home and will continue doing so. I think most everything about it is agonisingly beautiful with the heavy, lazy atmosphere that makes me feel like I truly am there (also, I want a f/f movie like that).


The Girls Jumper from subdued was one of the last clothing items that aren’t explicitly fair (or used) that I bought – it is made in Turkey however which is at least somewhat better than Bangladesh or India (usually). Nevertheless I think it does qualify as a good purchase, since I wear it a whole lot and just love wearing it (I am wearing it as I type out these words).

While I am not really knowledgeable about music at all and barely listen songs that are popular at the moment for the simple reason that I neither have a radio nor Spotify or the likes. And, also already “having enough” music as it is. However, especially last year I listened to the new work of Janelle Monáe and Hayley Kiyoko which of course I liked not only for the music, but also a lot for the feeling the songs give me. Additionally, the two raise a lot of awareness towards discrimination and dealing with your sexuality if it is not straight. You can catch me crying while watching Girls Like Girls any day.

Well, that is all for now. What did you enjoy last year?


Mary Poppins Returns

In general, I am very open about remakes or reviving franchises. I do not mind one bit, because if it’s good if just adds another piece and if it isn’t I can just not watch/read/etc it again. End of story. However, I am always worried I will get stung and dislike the new part. With Mary Poppins this was not the case.

It was a sequel done absolutely right, because it did the original justice while still being its own thing. Right from the beginning I was in awe an overture? How lovely! Overtures are certainly one of my favourite things in movies and since the songs had themes of the old songs it was very nostalgic as well.
Of course, I grew up watching and reading Mary Poppins. My mum was (and is!) a big fan and I keep that book of hers. She liked the movie as well, by the way.
True to its roots the movie – while having an overlying theme – had all these little story-episodes woven in very neatly. Especially the one in the bowl was a favourite of mine because the animation was very 50s-esque and the clothing blended in so adorably.
Speaking of clothing, oh dear, did I love it. Such beautiful creations, I do so hope it will be rewarded at the Oscars. Mary’s hats alone are so becoming – I would wear them all. But then, adding to that the dresses of hers and Jane’s outfits with the pants made me swoon. (I mean Jane did in general, but that has other reasons. One being, that she was a wonderfully created character.)
Well, I totally thought Jane was a lesbian with a thing for Mary, but oh well. Nevertheless I loved her character and all the others as well. The actors portrayed their roles brilliantly and unlike with the Mary Shelley movie it magically drew one in.
Emily Blunt did the role justice in the most terrific way, the little quirks that make Mary Poppins Mary Poppins were all there. The kids besides being adorably dresses also were really sweet and likeable (and I often dislike kids in movies!)
The main story was maybe a bit “easy”, but it still had all those little details and Dick Van Dyke, so I have nothing to complain about. It made me very happy and emotional and that is what I want from a movie like that.
Since I saw it in German however, I cannot really say anything about the singing, but with this cast I am sure it was amazing.
Also, did I mention Jane?

Mary Shelley

I’m surprised this is what makes me feel like writing again. But apparently I have a lot of feelings and thoughts. Mary Shelley is one of my favourite writers and people in general. This movie was not, it has not been good.

I want to start with the good. The actors – Elle Fanning? Great, amazing even! Douglas Booth – fitting for the role, yet I think he was written in a weird way. Everyone else too, was more or less good. Considering the actors are actually quite good, it sometimes feels like they just got their lines minutes before and only shot scenes once. Maisie Williams, for example, felt so stiff and uncomfortable.
The dialogue in my opinion was a disaster, some of it was so awkward and surreal. At times it felt like they wanted the movie to be quotable and like olden times, but did not succeed.

A lot of the plot revolves around romance between Percy and Mary, and the subplot with Claire – are they having an affair/aren’t they? – was quite present and that would have all been fine, if it had been less episodic and unfocused by bringing in thousand of aspects (Hoggs?).

The filming and especially the lightning was beautiful, but the way it was edited and cut felt just so clumsy and awkward. It made me feel uncomfortable at times, because it was so weird. It did not tie together well. They tried showing a lot, but all of it a bit half-assed. I fail to understand why the evil stepmother trope had to come in.
The nature shots – beautiful, but they did not work at all. They seemed like unneccessary time spent. And I get it, a big part of Mary’s work are the beautiful nature descriptions, but in the movie it seemed completely out of place. Unlike for example nature shots in Jane Austen movies where they also convey emotion through it, this felt like wanting to show of these super neat nature shorts.

Probably the best thing was the portrayal of Byron – he was unlikeable and eccentric, which I appreciated. The costume, casting and makeup was at it’s peak here! The last scene he has with Mary – he just looked like that famous portrait (also, I do love eyeliner and eccentric clothing on men). Percy however was written so poorly – the flirting with Mary and them getting aquainted was fine, but after that he is just a completely unlikeable person with no redeemable traits which makes the ending kind of hard to understand. And while I am sure he had his flaws, from what I gathered he was idealistic and deeply broken inside and not just a drunk jerk. At one point I was rooting for Polidori (tragically beautiful portrayed by Ben Hardy!) to woo Mary.
From about the time in Geneva it was fine, but up until that point this movie was just bad. It’ felt messy, lazyly edited and lengthy.

It was not a horrible movie, but it was not a good one by any means.
If it had been stripped of the Mary Shelley aspect and just been turned into a dramatic romance, I would have been fine. But doing her so dirty, by basically reducing her to being little other than in love with Percy, feels agrivating.

What I took away from it is, that I really want to read Polidori’s The Vampyre now.

save the bees




As mentioned before I am working on getting into this again. I am not entirely sure where I want to go, so fluctuation might appear. Especially in the way I edit my photos (I do not like editing the outside ones as much) and in the way I write. Or rather what I write. I’m not sure whether I want to write personal texts among my outfit pictures or rather focus on the outfit or little stories around that. These photos were taken in Padova, the greener ones at the Orto Botanica, which is one of the oldest botanical gardens. It’s well worth a visit.





Bees are some my favourite animals and of course some of the most important ecological figures. I try to be careful to save them for example from drinks and pounds. There are some easy way to help bees – sugar water, planting certain (usually wild) flowers. It you don’t have a garden, planting some at random green corners in the city is always a good idea. Though of course flowers under the window are lovely. Buying regional honey is another big thing – personally I don’t eat honey, but I love buying some for family/friends when I am travelling and come across shops with regional honey. That might also be a nice idea for a trip – maybe you can look up a beekeeper with a shop near you and go ther on the weekend. Along with that it is always good to choose regional and especially seasonal products – again, when you can go for a trip to the farmer’s market or an organic farmer – even better.




Most countries have organisations where you can either donate money directly, act as a godfather/mother or help with projects e.g. for wild bees. Obviously reducing the use of cars, pesticide-infected product etc is good not only for the bees, but the whole world. There are a lot of tiny and big steps one can follow to make this world better.





Shirt – AlpenglowApparel (they donate part of the money to bee organisations) | Pants – secondhand/vintage | Backpack – LeaflingBags | Socks – calzedonia | Shoes – amazon, but old

Lace Dreams




This dress is another wedding dress in my collection and probably the most wearable one. It’s a beautiful vintage dress I found on an Instagram closet sale and buying it I was not aware how much wear I would get out of it – I know I will be able to wear it in summer, spring and autumn.





A lot of these photos were taken at the Scala Contarini di Bovolo and in Murano/Burano which I enjoyed a lot. Afterwards we went to the Lido to swim and that was amazing. I have never been to the Lido to go swimming, we always stayed at Union Lido (camping) and there is a fantastic beach. But the one at the Lido was free of charge and really nice. The Lido area in general is beautiful, though.







Also, my shoes fell apart at one point and I stiched them back together and then bought glue stripes to put posters on a wall. So, that is how I fixed them on the go. It was funny, tbh. Still I cannot let go of them.



june days in venice

I love travelling alone, I really do, but travelling with a friend can be wonderful as well. In June I went to Venice with a friend from uni – we have only know each other for a couple of months, but it truly is a friendship I treasure and hope to keep forever. It was a very harmonious trip and I wanted to share a few photographs. I guess I will also share an outfit or two. Well, here are a couple of lovely places in Venice – I am grateful for the lovely time we had and the incredible weather! (These are also from Murano, Burano, the Lido and Padova. All highly recommended, especially the free beaches at the Lido) one place to visit besides all the very known stuff is the Scala Contarini di Bovolo!





























it’s been a while …

For a couple of months I have not been posting nor curating this page at all. Which is not a big deal, considering I have always used this more as a diary/outlet for myself rather than anything else. Did I want to become super successful with this at a point? Yeah, probably, but I really did not in the last few months/years and to be honest I do not even care if anyone looks at this. I just felt a bit like reviving this and typing out my thoughts.

It is not that I don’t like writing on the blog, I really do enjoy it, but I had no motivation whatsover in the last – I think – five months and even before that I didn’t really. Maybe this one won’t be followed by anthing. Who knows? Because it was not that I did not have time – sure I was stressed with uni and I moved out of my parents’ flat into a shared flat and for a while my mental health wasn’t very good either – but I did have time for myself to use however I felt like and blogging was not on that list.

But, if I am being honest with myself a lot of hobbies were not, I did waste time. And by that I don’t mean relaxing and just calming down after stressful times which is good and necessary. But rather being on my phone way too much – not just to check on the accounts I follow and maybe post something, but on the explore page of IG or watching YouTube videos I basically did not care about at all. That is a pretty common thing nowadays, but I don’t want that anymore. And maybe, maybe writing down this can help me hold myself accountable. There are millions of things I actually prefer over being on my phone, but it is a lot easier, more comfortable to just scroll.

I try to get back on board with drawing and whenever I do it I feel really happy – I don’t feel like sharing it either, because I want to do it for me, unlike so many other things that I feel almost obligated to share for no real reason whatsoever.

Recently I read Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World (really good book by the way) which also kind of inspired that feeling of wanting to live more and be less passive, be less focused on what other people – that I have no interest in or connection to – do. Here is the thing, I do love posting outfits on Instagram, because I love fashion, collecting and creating clothing. It is a big passion of mine to create outfits that may present a story, a character or just a shade of me and I enjoy looking at my feed because there are so many memories connected to the photos. I feel less internal pressure now to post daily/at all, because I am doing this 100% for me now and not for anything else. And I also always enjoyed going through my travelling photos and posting about places I have been to, because seeing the world is wonderful and taking photos is too. I am not a prefessional photographer, I have just some basic knowledge and no interest to turn this professional in any way, but I want to pick this up again and write about where I have been since April (Venice, Berlin, Bratislava and Vienna), because I like going back to those places via the photos, maybe write about places I would recommend checking out, maybe post some of the outfit photos I took.

From my side, I do not want to end this blog, this “diary”, but what I do want to end is the “pressure” I put on myself to share everything, because why? Things do have value even though nobody other than me sees them. I do not need the praise/acceptance/whatever from other people to make them valid. I always used the internet – various platforms from deviantArt to goodreads to Instagram – to keep track of things. When did I do what? When did I sew that? When did I read this? When? When? Because I am somewhat obsessive with recording the chronology of things. I cannot read a book without tracking when, how often, how long and I don’t know why this is the case – maybe I should ask my therapist. It feels a bit unhealthy. In a way I did that here with my sewing updates and I try to get away from that.

And as mentioned above towards living more and wasting less. Be that by overthinking, procrastinating or tracking things. This post went in another direction than I expected, but I don’t mind. I truly hope this helps me hold myself accountable when I pick up my phone to look at things that don’t interest me rather than spend times on hobbies. It goes hand in hand with an attitude I have to get rid of – when I have like an hour (or less usually) left til I need to get somewhere I often tend to procrastinate (e.g. be on my phone), because I feel like well, what am I supposed to do in x minutes anyway? when in reality I could surely read a few pages, clean my room (while I am downright pedantic in the kitchen, I am not in my bedroom), edit a few photos, study or revise etc. And that is something I have to alter in my behaviour.

There are more things I want to change, but I think this is a good starting point for myself and a good glance into what moves me at the moment. I might write about this again in outfit posts or maybe I won’t. But here we go.

The Lady’s Guide to Adventure

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

With spring already grazing us and summer right around the corner, this is the perfect timing to go out on an adventure. I put together a few things you might like to think of. Also, please try avoiding trash by reusing bottles and tupperware – and don’t throw your waste just into the nearest shrub.

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

Where and when to go.
Be spontaneous. Personally I prefer sunshine and warm weather, but of course with a rain coat and solid shoes walking around in the mud is fairly easy. While during summer months the forecast is fairly reliable, so you can plan when to go. However, I would also suggest taking the chance when perfect weather comes around. Living in an area close to a lot of mountains and woods, I can take pretty much every local train or public transport to get to pretty places. If this is not the case, make a list of places that are easy to reach by public transport or bike (personally I think taking a car is a bit of a cheat, but of course you can). If you live in a city, check the surrrounding area for public woods, national parks, lakes or mountains. And then just go, that is the most important part. Don’t put it off.

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

What to take with you.
Well, I will write a seperate post about this sooner or later, I do want to mention a couple of things. Having too much things with you – no matter if in your backpack or in your life – makes things more complicated, yet there are things that are very worth carrying. Besides food and a bottle of water, I do recommend a raincoat or umbrella if the weather should indeed change. One of the most annoying things while hiking sure are too thin or wet socks – pack a second pair. Even if only on the way back home, you will be glad about them. Same goes for bandaids and sunscreen – you do not expect sunburn and sore feet, but better to be prepared than sorry.

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

What to wear.
You know me, I’m not exactly a person to dress most appropriate for nature – or at least what we consider appropriate now. After all women used to wear dirndls and shoes like these to climb mountains a few decades ago still. As long as they are comfortable to you and good to clean, wear whatever you like. Wear something that is comfortable, not too heavy and not too light. I recommend linen and depending on temperature two or three layers – maybe a cardigan or an aditional scarf.

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

What to do.
I would also bring a journal and a couple of pens as well as some pens – collect flowers and leaves (only the ones not protected by nature protection, of course), make sketches and write thoughts down. Take photos – maybe even analog ones. Take risks (within reason) – maybe take another path, take analog photos only even though they might not turn out well. Of course, depending on whether you walk on your own or with other people, you might want to pack different things – a card game, perhaps. For the journey with the train and maybe once you reach your destination, pack a book. And if you forget something or don’t want to bring anything – just enjoy nature in all its beauty.
Last but not least: run down the hills like Judy Andrews did in The Sound of Music!

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

lady's guide to adventure mountains woods folk midcentury vintage linen 50s handmade

Shirt – Vintage | Skirt – handmade | Bee Cardigan Pin – ModCloth | Tights – elbeo | Socks – calzedonia | Shoes – neosens | Backpack – Leaflings Bags | Lipstick – kiko
Also the title is of course inspired by two of my favourite books, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue.

a few london memories

london photos haul musical

Last month I spent a couple of days in London, with a good friend of mine. Since we’d both been to the city before it was a very relaxed holiday. The only things that were actually to dos were visiting the Natural History Museum and the BBakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour. The later is a bus tour through London (a really touristy thing I never did in any city, ever), but combined with some Afternoon Tea – the most delicious little treats, you can see them later on. I highly recommend it, if that sound like your thing.

london photo moomin store covent garden

london photo moomin store covent garden
Moomin Store in Covent Garden

london photo les miserables
Queen’s Theatre – Les Misérables (which we saw, it was fantastic)

london photo bbakery bus tour afternoon tea

london photo bbakery bus tour afternoon tea
BBakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

london photo henry fordes books
Henry Fordes Books (a beautiful old bookstore with lovely booksellers)

london photo natural history museum minerals
Natural History Museum – Minerals

london photo china town bubble wrap
Bubble Wrap in China Town (the original and it was delicious)

now on to the things I got in London
london photo haul book chocolates
A couple of gifts for my friends and family – a book, chocolates, a trinket tray and a candle.

london photo haul moomin snufkin tea book pin little my
Okay, the two Moomin stores were also on my list, I found a couple of lovely things. A cup (I really wanted one) and tea, also the wonderful map, a biro, a pin and a book. I think the things I found are adorable and I’m really excited for the tea.

london photo les miserables jekyll and hyde
Personally I always need a playbill for every musical I get to see and I also considered this pin super cute. The novel Jekyll and Hyde (which I found at Henry Fordes) was on my to read list for the longest time and I’m glad I found it used for only a couple of pounds.

london photo vintage trousers chequered beyond retro
At Beyond Retro I found this wonderful pair of pants. It has some strong Teddy Girl vibes going on – also I really wanted some fabric pans.

london photo vintage edwardian skirt chequered beyond retro
At the shop I also found this Edwardian Style skirt by Calvin Klein. It fits perfectly and just matches my current wardrobe so well.

What are your favourite things to do in London?

the main thing in life is to know your own mind | Snufkin Tattoo

Snufkin Tattoo Moomins Ankle Wanderlust

When I got the Snowglobe by the end of January, I also got my dear Snufkin, the perfect travel companion. He is of course also the perfect inspiration to just get out more, to dream about wandering and fell like me with his wanderlust. He is also my reminder to be less wasteful and to be more minimalistic. While I am still on the journey, Snufkin (the moomins in general) is a huge inspiration for me in that regard. To be more attentive, to appreciate natur, to collect in memories not things.

Snufkin Tattoo Moomins Ankle Wanderlust

Most certainly there is still a lot to learn, but so far I think I am on a good way. Also, the tattoo was done by Ella, as always, but I think we will have to fix his hands to match the colour of his face. Other than that I lovehis design, I think it’s adorable, even with this little backpack and the berries (as you know no tattoos on me without plants). The healing was a bit difficult, though I assume also because the skin in my loweer legs is rather dry do to the weather. For now, while I do have tattoo plans for summer/autumn I will wait as to donate blood again (four months waiting time…). Did you get any colour on your skin recently?