oops, I did it again | Bride of Frankenstein Hair

Bride of Frankenstein Hair
Okay, yes I admit it, I said blonde would stay for a longer time and at least it did not change for something “crazy” like yellow, orange or the colour of a sunrise. But I could not keep my fingers off hair dye – I was even considering black, to be honest. But I was a bit too scared. However it is likely I’ll dye the mop black in a few weeks or months. At this moment I feel like keeping this exact do – the 20s bob anyway, because it’s my favourite cut ever.

Bride of Frankenstein Hair
Bride of Frankenstein Hair

Well, anyway back to the topic of colour. I wanted some Bride of Frankenstein Vibes (not only because Frankenstein is my favourite book), so I went for a dark brown with a strand of hair that I kept blonde (I have to get the roots touched up on the blond hair…). I know technicaly she has one strand on each side of her head, but I didn’t want that (also her hairdo is quite different). Therefore this is what I wanted and how it turned out. As you see it turned out a bit too light for me at first – I really liked the colour but it wasn’t what I wanted – so I had one week with a green-ish teddy brown and then went full on dark.

Bride of Frankenstein Hair
Bride of Frankenstein Hair

I am afraid I might hate myself in a couple of months for going dark again, but at the moment and for the last couple of months I did not feel at all like colourful hair. I have to mention, though, that I have been looking at pictures of my dark brown hair (which I had about two years ago) for months and I adored it – and I do now, so I am excited to see how I style it. I did actually wear a few easy hairdos in the last few days and think the white strand adds a lot. I also feel like wearing more gothic stuff (not neccessarily goth, but some 19th century gothic vibes), black really grew to me.

What is you hair colour at the moment? And what colour do you want next?

Imperfection and Beauty

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

To be honest – thoose pictures have been waiting on my notebook for almost three months by now, because I wasn’t entirely happy with them. This outfit as a whole does not work 100% – mainly because while my hair was matching the skirt perfectly about a week earlier it had faded too much. However, I did decide on finally posting it. After all it’s okay not to be perfect. This was also my last colourful hair colour, so it deserves some appreciation. As I write this my hair is dark brown with a white streak.

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

After all in a way perfection is quite boring, usually it’s more interesting to work towards it and the things that happen along the way. I think Alice is quite the appropriate brooch for that – Wonderland is rather fa from the norm and perfection and that’s what makes it so beautiful. All the weirdness and beauty that comes with being different gives the story and world of Alice so much. And it does the same in this world. Usually it’s people who are different who change the world.

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

The ones that break the rules, try something new and make mistakes to overcome them are usually the ones that inspire us. So let’s say yes to things that are not perfect and embrace the quirks.

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Pink Babydoll 60s Outfit Alice

Dress – handmade | Brooch – AmbrosiaBowl | Socks – calzedonia | Shoes – bait footwear via ModCloth | Lipstick – I think one of the essence metals

Postcards from London

postcards from london london eye
London. Let me be honest here: I never really liked London, I always had tons issues with this city, only the British Library and Notting Hill actually appealed to me. But nevertheless I have been there for a few days in April again this year; meaning I have been to a city I do not really enjoy three years in a row at about the same time of the year – never organised by me though. And I have no idea what it was, I haven’t even been to Notting Hill, but I really enjoyed London this time around. I saw a few new places and a couple of known ones and this time, I was actually beginning to feel a bit more love for the city in general. And it truly wasn’t due to the people or the weather – because I always had friends with me (though always different ones) and always had a bit of a changing weather situation. Maybe it just was right this time around. I don’t know, but I’m glad I did enjoy London.

london thai food

Rosa’s near Carnaby

london buckingham palace

Jubilee Walk

london tulips

those colours…

london squirrel

we’ve had quite a few squirrel traums

london park witch house witch's cottage

witch’s cottage


Assassin’s Creed Realness

london Sherlock Holmes Pub

Sherlock is basically everywher

big ben theme london

and a chlicheé Big Ben/Themse photo, of course

baker street london

Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes Museum london

Sherlock Holmes Museum

cupcakes london lola's


cupcakes train london space buns

happy me eating lola’s cupcakes on the train (also, I want more stars on cupcakes)

london what I got haul

what I got in London

Actually, I wasn’t looking for anything in London, but when I saw that they had Sole Protectors at the Irregular Choice store, I had to get them, so I didn’t have to order subsitutes online for my lovelies.
And the Sherlock Pin was too cute to pass (and I was reading Sherlock Holmes novels at that time, too).

Twist and Shout

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

Well, it has only been a year until I managed to take some photos of my prom dress for graduation, however besides the missing false lashes I’m actually pretty close to the look (Twist and Shout was my song to get my graduation diploma). To be honest I’m currently really in the mood for twenties dresses and actually everything back to the 1850s. Edwardian and Victorian fashion in particular do get me – you will see that in the upcoming Handmade Update. I think it’s so interesting how fashion changed over the years – even within two or three years, especially in the twentieth century.

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

I’m always wondering if in fifty years people will admire what was chic in the 2010s. I mean, I highly doubt that because there is very little that is in style for more than a season or two. In a way that’s pretty cool, but it also ensures that fast fashion companies constantly make money because people have to replace their clothing. Not only because it’s just not chic anymore, but also due to the quality. I’ve talked about my journey towards slow fashion before, but it’s very present on my mind. And to be honest it makes me angry how fashion has changed from making things at home/getting them done by a seamstress or tailor to not caring about where things come from and who has to suffer so that we can buy things – I don’t want to write “at a cheap price”, because most high fashion/expensive labels do just the same and it’s a shame. I think we should all appreciate the act of making clothing more and think a little bit about where this or that piece comes from.

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

20s Cream Prom Dress

Dress – handmade | Faux Pearl Necklaces – handmade by mum | Shoes – Super Me (I think, I got them via amazon) | Lipstick – Bésame Classic Color Lipstick in C208 Bésame Red

Vendula Circus Coin Purses

Vendula London Circus Coin Purse Circus Ticket Fortune Teller
Recently I have been contacted by Vendula again and got to choose something of their website to show you. I really love their products and am quite happy with the quality. So, I decided to go for two Coin Purses from the Circus Collection.

Vendula Circus Clip Fastening Fortune Teller Coin Purse
Vendula Circus Clip Fastening Fortune Teller Coin Purse
Personally I do not use regular wallets anymore since my last one (a Vendula one matching my Boutique Bag) has been stolen/lost in Venice. So for about a year I had a small handmade clip fastening coin purse that had a lovely 20s charme, however you know how it is – every once in a while you want to change things up, so the Vendula Circus Clip Fastening Fortune Teller Coin Purse was a great choice for me. The material is quite sturdy and the fastening with those adorable flowers is very secure (after all you don’t want to pick the coins from the bottom of your purse). It is big enough for all the currencies I tested and additionally you can carry your cards with you. Of course you should not put twenty cards inside, but you can easily fit in at least five. I’m also pretty sure it’s big enough for a compact mirror.
Vendula Circus Clip Fastening Fortune Teller Coin Purse
Vendula Circus Clip Fastening Fortune Teller Coin Purse
Vendula Circus Clip Fastening Fortune Teller Coin Purse
Besides the rather big size for a coin purse it’s main feature is obviously the stunning design. The details are handsewn and I cannot get over the glitter crystal ball and the little gold stars. Even the lining matches the Circus theme, it’s red and white stripes and I think it’s a lovely finshing touch.

Vendula Circus Ticket Zipped Coin Purse
Vendula Circus Ticket Zipped Coin Purse
Vendula Circus Ticket Zipped Coin Purse
The other one is the Vendula Circus Ticket Zipped Coin Purse, it’s 15*10 cm and almost like a clutch. Well, I will definitely use it as such. The soze is big enough for my mobile, so it’s perfect if you just want to have the bare necessities on you. It has extra compartments for three cards and a keychain to fasten it to your bag or to fasten your keys to the purse. Like all of their bags it’s made from high quality faux leather that feels great.
Vendula Circus Ticket Zipped Coin Purse
Vendula Circus Ticket Zipped Coin Purse
I think the design has such a Vintage Charme and even though I do not really approve of the circus itself due to the treatment of the animals, I like the design aspect and artistry of circuses and performers. And I think this bag perfectly captures this carnival vibe with every little detail.

Both of them would have been less than 25 Pound each which is a very acceptable price for a high quality purse with this kind of detailing in my opinion. Shipping has always been very easy and fast for me as a costumer.

Vendula Bags Circus Boutique
So far I never had any issues with any of the details of my bags being damaged, therefore I really recommend having a look at the stunning designs. The only thing that happened to me is the railing on the faux leather chipped of at two of my bag’s handles over time, however I could fix that with some glue.
The ones above are my bags I collected over the last few years and you can find out more about them here:
Vendula Chocolatiers Grab Bag
Vendula Snowflake Barrel Bag (this one has been sent to me as well)
Vendula Boutique Box Bag
Vendula Sewing Shop Pouch/Wash Bag (the one I use most of the time currently)
Vendula Sewing Shop Mini Purse
Vendula London Bags
The black purses and the Black Bag are my mum’s – you see we are quite taken with these wonderful designs.

Vendula London kindly send me the two Circus Coin Purses in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Wonder Woman | Fangirl Friday

Last night I finally got to see Wonder Woman as it took quite some time to be release in Germany (I have noo idea why). However I made it and I enjoyed it a lot.

Here’s the thing, and I think I told you that before – in general I prefer DC, the characters in the comics etc are more interesting and the movies are darker, more serious (well, back in the day they were really goofy and that was fine too). The whole funny thing Marvel has going on is not really my cup of tea. One thing for example, and Wonder Woman showed tht quite well: caring about those left behind, those dying to the hero – they care, meanwhile the Avengers at least destroyed a ton of buildings (+people) without really looking back. Wonder Woman took the time to look at those suffering due to the hero/”good guys” and also questioned the good guy. I think it was very well done with The Chief (a Native American) telling Diana that his people were killed by Steve Trevor’s people – it was only a short moment, but to me that acknowledged a lot.
The casting was amzing in my opinion. Gal Gadot portrayed Diana perfectly, she was both very though, intuitively and considering her actions before as well as after. I think she was a great first female movie superhero. The only thing that really confused me was that: in the movie Ares is the bad guy and the Amazons were created as a last defense against him by Zeus, however in the actual mythology Amazons are daughters of Ares and Harmonia (also in this version he was kind of like Lucifer). Well, I only read a couple of Diana’s stories as comics and I do not really recal how it was handled there, but it surprised me to say the least. Nevertheless I think the Amazon myths was treated perfectly with the wonderful island (that reminded me of the second Sissi movie), the training, the outfits and everything! The women were very diverse and it was really intense to see the realitionships, especially the mother daugther one between Diana and the queen. Besides the Amazons, Diana’s (and Steve’s) crew of misfits was very elaborate and the crafted interesting characters with ease.
I enjoyed the storyline and even the fighting scenes (which is something I don’t really like in most movies) were handled well, especially colourwise. It was funny at times, but it didn’t overdo it and felt really intense for the genre. For a superhero movie it was also surprisingly questioning the good guy/bad guy concept and I think just in general Patty Jenkins did a great job directing. Also, the way the story was introduced was a very nice touch.

Basically I really enjoyed this badass feminist movie and look forward to more of Wonder Woman.

a few things to do in Stockholm

stockholm guide
For all the other cities, I recommended the city passes, but I really would not for Stockholm – it’s a lot more expensive than anywhere else and also does not include public transport (you have to add and pay for that), and quiet a few museums/sihtseeing destinations are actually for free.


Stockholm Almgreen


One of my favourite museums was definetly Stiftelsen KA Almgreen Sidenväveri & Museum, an old traditional weaving mill where they even show you how it was done and you can look at all the different devices and fabrics. So in case you enjoy handmade goods, that might be interesting for you.
Kungliga Slottet Stockholm

Kungliga Slottet

The Kungliga Slottet (royal castle) has a few different parts you can explore, from the treasury, to the reception rooms and a museum. Personally I think the recpetion rooms are most interesting and they also had a special exhibit on wedding dresses – I assume there is always a special exhibition worth checking out.
Royal Library Stockholm Bird

Lil’ bird at the royal library.

Public Library Stockholm

Public Library

The royal library and the public library are both worth having a look at for the architecture (from the outside and from the inside), the latter has a fantastic main round room that really looks like a dream library.
The Historiska Museum is free for everyone and as the name suggests all about history – and perfectly currated. It’s very innovative and yet has the feel of travelling back in time to it.
Stockholm Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum

Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum

Stockholm Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum

Dino Babes

Stockholm Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum

Old Dinosaurs

Another free museum is the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet with all the bones, insects and animals.
Abba Museum Stockholm

ABBA Museum

The ABBA Museum on the other hand is rather experience, but it’s also quite an experience. Besides the interective part it also features a lot of costumes and information.
The way to Engelbrektskyrkan is quite beautiful, as is the area, it’s not that far from busy city life, but very calm. The church itself is quite pretty, however keep the opening hours in mind, it closes rather early.
You can also visit, well look at, that is, the of flat where Astrid Lindgren wrote her stories (Dalagatan 46), apparently only authorised people can look at the rooms, but I really hope they will open it for the public one day.

If you’re looking for vegan snacks and lunch, Koloni is the place to go. They have a few cafés throughout the city and they both have a lovely atmosphere and great food.
Café Kladdkakan is very central and quite cosy. They also have a big selection of snacks, but I really enjoyed the kadammom bullar.

vaxholm café kaffehörnan stockholm sweden


In Vaxholm Kaffehörnan & Annat Gott Vaxholm is very beautiful, I had a lovely chat with the owner about photography, Sweden and Munich and there was the cutest dog as well!


Stockholm si fi nerd sf bokhandeln

SF Bokhandeln

Since I posted about retro shops in Scandinavia (and therefore Stockholm) already, I onlly actually have one shop left to mention, the amazing SF Bokhandeln, the Swedish Nerd/Geek Bookstore with all the merch you could want. I think they have more books and DVDs than the Malmö shop, but a little less merch. It’s a fantastic store with a great atmosphere.

Walks, Trips and Parks

Rosendals Stockholm


To get to Rosendals garden and castle (more like a villa tbh) you can, depending on your location, take the ferry or cross the bridge. The whole “island” is quite lovely to walk around and especially the gardens and the area around the castle are worth checking out.
vaxholm stockholm sweden


Like in Oslo you can take a bus to a suburb and Vaxholm is probably one of the most famous ones. It ahs all those small chlicheé swedish houses and it really is very cute. It has both a cost and the loveliness of a small town, I’d highly recommend going there for an afternoon.
Stockholm Castle Drottingholm


Stockholm Castle Drottingholm selfie

Selfie (because you got to use the amazing weather)

Stockholm Castle Drottingholm library


You can also spend half a day at Drottingholm, have a look at the beautiful castle and if it’s sunny (warm) enough just sit at the water and enjoy the sun and view. It’s so beautiful and calming. On of the guards there asked me where I got my bag, so I told her, when I came back she had found the website and was about to order one for herself.

That was everything I had about my journey in April. I really hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it.

Holmenkollen | wanderlove and ski jumping

Holmenkollen oslo
One of my favourite things about Oslo was Holmenkollen for sure. Writing this I feel a heavy case of wanderlust – maybe with a good pair of boots next time, so I can actually go hiking for real (however the snow was so high at parts, you couldn’t have used the paths anyway). Nevertheless I had a wonderful time up there.
Holmenkollen Oslo snow
Holmenkollen Oslo snow
You take the metro for a short time to get there and can leave at the station Holmenkollen or further up. Then you can walk towards the museum and the ski jump/hopptarnet (best word ever, right?). The museum is really interesting and features everything from skis to the history of skiing, the ski jump and climate change.
Holmenkollen Oslo ski
Holmenkollen Oslo elevator snow
Holmenkollen Oslo ski jump snow
To get up to the jump you take an elevator that is a bit like Willy Wonkas elevator, so no good for people with vertigo – then again if you got vertigo, a ski jump might not be on your bucket list. For me however it was amazing, the experience and the view are so impressive. It ceared me mind and was incredibly refreshing (not only, but also because it was freezing).
Holmenkollen Oslo snow
Holmenkollen Oslo snow selfie
Holmenkollen Oslo snow ski jump
I then proceeded to walk towards the chapel and would have hiked further up hadn’t the snow been about 20-30 cm high. I guess good foot wear would have helped as well, but to be honest I expect Oslo in Easter time to be 7-10 degrees, not -1. However I’m not that sensitive towards the cold, so it was okay. At least I really got some clear fresh air.
Holmenkollen Oslo snow chapel
Holmenkollen Oslo snow
Holmenkollen Oslo snow shoes
And then I could warm up again at the cute and beautiful Hoppkaféen. Of course, in the mountains you drink hot chocolate with wipped cream and hmmm, those waffles…. They have sweet and savoury toppings for the waffles and you’re free to take as much as you want. Obviously I went for the rasberry yam and cream and I can still taste it looking at this photo. Also doesn’t everything taste the best after wandering around in the cold? To me that was a the perfect end to my hiking trip even though I would have loved to stroll furth upwards.
Holmenkollen Oslo snow ice
Holmenkollen Oslo snow waffle hot chocolate

a few things to do in Oslo

Oslo Guide
I arrived in Oslo in the early morning via ferry (which was a dream of mine for a long time and since I know that it isn’t the best thing for the eviroment it will most likely be my only cruise) and it was so cold. Apparently about 7-10 degrees colder than it usually is around that time, so it was snowy which seems also pretty appropriate/clicheé for Norway. Nevertheless I enjoyed the city with all the possibilities to walk around and the museums.

I’d say the Oslo Card is pretty useful, since there are tons of great museums in and around the city, for example the Munch Museum – what Van Gogh is for the Netherlands, Munch is for Norway and while I personally enjoy arists like Dahl a lot more, the museum has a fantastic concept and is really worth it if you’re interested in Munch (funny thing: in front of the museum three Chinese people asked me to take a picture with me, I have no idea if they thought I was an artist, but it was weird and funny).

National Gallery Oslo

National Gallery

If you want a general overview over (Norwegian) art, the National Gallery (Nasjonalmuseet) is amazing, the art is sorted by era and you basically walk from the beginnings towards modern art. Obviously I loved the room dedicated to Dahl, but they have quite a few gems there. At the museum people were really friendly and a woman as well as a guard told me they liked how colourful my dress was.
Zoologisk Museum Oslo

Zoologisk Museum

Zoologisk Museum Oslo T-Rex

T-Rex (Zoologisk Museum)

Of course, Oslo has a museum for Naturalhistory as well. And while the geological part was closed, the zoological part was pretty interesting on it’s own. It’s rather small, but they have some pretty cool pieces there (like … umm … the T-Rex that welcomes you in Room Two). The era is surrounded by a big botanical garden that seemed pretty, but probably is even more beautiful in summer.
Fram Museum Oslo


r Gjøa Fram Museum Oslo


Fram Museum is considered the best museum in Norway and even though I’m not that much into ships and have only vague background knowlegde on the topic of exploring the poles, I found it really innovative and enjoyable. I guess for someone who is really into this topic, it must be a breathtaking experience.
Vikingskipshuset museum vikingship oslo


Nearby you can look at more ships, at the Vikingskiphuset, a very small museum with a small collection, but a interesting one – being this close to Viking Ships and the treasures is fantastic – as is the multimedia show they play about every 15 minutes.
Karl Johans Gate Oslo

Karl Johans Gate

Karl-Johansgate is both a place to shop and boulevard with beautiful houses that leads towards the castle (which was closed when I was there) starting at the beautiful central station. Pretty close to central station you can have a look at the cathedral, too, before strolling further down the street passing the Nationaltheatre.

I have to mention team (inside central station) here, I am not sure whether or nor they are a chain, but their kanelbullar are probably made in heaven.
The cute Retrolykke is exactly what the name suggests, a retro café with various chairs and tables that do not match and so many colours (also the service guy who was there while I was there reminded me of Dane DeHaan. A lot.). I think Ruth 66 has a similar concept, but they were closed when I wanted to visit.


grünerløkka oslo


Grünerløkka and especially Markveien is perfect for some alternative shopping, there are lots of second-hand and vintage stores selling everything from clothing to furniture. It’s ver hipster-y, but that of course also means that it’s not stuffed with fast fashion.

Walks, Trips and Parks

Telthusbakken Oslo


Telthusbakken is a small street with even smaller houses that look exactly the way you imagine Norwegian houses, they are just adorable and colourful. Obviously, I want to like in the pink one.
Gamla Aker View Graveyard Oslo

Gamla Aker View

Very nearby you find the Gamla Aker church and graveyard, a truly beautiful graveyard with a very interesting structure and probably one of the most amazing views over Oslo.
Vår Frelsers Gravlund olo graveyard

Vår Frelsers Gravlund

Only about three minutes away you find the next graveyar, Vår Frelsers Gravlund where lots of famous people are buried (e.g. Munch).
Akershus Oslo


Akershus Oslo


I went to Akershus very early in the morning and it ws fantastic. It was freezing, but so impressive and really enjoyable to walk around the fortress and also have a great view over harbour and city.
Drøbak Oslo


To get to Drøbak you have to take the bus for about an hour, but on the journey you can already enjoy the landscape. The small town itself is popular among natives for summer houses, but also the place where Julebuk/Santa lives – they have a little shop and house (Tregardens Julehus) which I assume is fantastic, but was closed while I was there. However all the small houses are very cute to look at and the view from the cost is so enjoyable.


I always want to go on a cruise, so I went to Oslo by ferry, however you can also do a cruise to just discover the fjord of Oslo and I assume it’s pretty similar to what I experienced when arriving in Oslo in the early morning. You can see Drøbak from the ferry and a few houses sprinkled throughout the landscape and it’s so so beautiful.
Holmenkollen Ski Jump Oslo

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

One of my favourite things about Oslo was the Holmenkollen, about which I want to write a post in the near future. It’s a perfect place for hiking, enjoy a great view and learing about ski jumping history.

Have you been to Oslo yet? If so, what did you like best?

a few things to do in Malmö

Malmö Guide
Malmö is the perfect city to discover by walking, for me personally it’s also the perfect size for a city (similar to Augsburg in a way). People are incredibly nice and in the first half hour alone two people randomly started talking to me (one about my Star Wars jacket which was quite fun and a girl from Sightsavers who called me a queen for travelling alone). My time was interrupted by rain, but Malmö is one of these cities beautiful no matter the weather.

Malmö Haven


Station AreaMalmö

Station Area


Malmöhus Malmö


Snake Malmö Malmöhus


Malmöhus is the castle of Malmö (hence the name), but you can not only have a look at some royal reliquia, but it’s also a fantastic museum the top floors are reserved for art and historic objects, there also is a exhibit on the history of Malmö that is decorated with lots of historic items. It really is a great museum when it comes to making history interesting for everyone. They also have a selection of natural history pieces and living animals (which is somewhat weird, because they are stored in the basement, however they mainly have animals that enjoy the darkness).
St. Petri Church Malmö

St. Petri

St. Petri Church is really beautiful, very light and not to cluttered.
Another beautiful place is St. Gertrud where you can walk around in the yard, enjoy the lovely houses and disvover something new behind every corner.


Café Bagaget Malmö

Café Bagaget

Café Bagaget is across the street from the hostel I stayed at (an amazing hostel!). The Café is colourful and cosy, everything they sell is made and served with love and the kanelbullar are delicious.
While I’m pretty sure Coffee Factory is a chain, the café in Malmö is so cute. The interior is filled with books and random chairs that do not really match.

If you’re looking for vegetarian and vegan food I can highly recommend Astrid och Aprona. Not only does the store look adorable from the outside, it also offers a vast selection of vegan/vegetarian food and fruit.

SF Bokhandeln Tardis Malmö

SF Bokhandeln Tardis

SF Bokhandeln is nerd heaven. They have a few shops in Sweden and while I think Gothenburg (Göteburg) is the biggest, the one in Malmö is pretty big too and I think has a bigger selection than the one in Stockholm. And they have a tardis! Besides that they also have everything from books to funkos and merchandise.

Walks, Trips and Parks

Half-Timber House Malmö

Half-Timber House

It’s lovely to discover the city centre by walking around – you can look at all the 19th century houses, the half-timber houses, Lilla Torg and the townhall.
Gamla Graveyard Malmö

Gamla Graveyard

I’ve talked about graveyards before and Gamla Graveyard is a another beautiful one. It’s the old graveyard (gamla = old) and they do not bury people there anymore as far as I know, but instead there are a lot of flowers and even a small river.
plidannsparken Malmö flower

Plidannsparken Flower

plidannsparken Malmö flower

Plidannsparken Tower

plidannsparken Malmö flower pavillion magaret

Plidannsparken Pavillion

plidannsparken Malmö flower


Plidannsparken is close to the opera and very large. I enjoyed walking around a lot and there are tons of people jogging and walking their dogs. It seems to be pretty popular among natives, too. The park is centered around a small lake and there is a round tower you can see from every place in the park. You should definitely check out Margaretenpavillion as well, it’s beautiful and there are lovely flower beds all around.

Have you been to Malmö yet? If so, what did you like most?